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From an ancient text to the chronicles of Ibn Battuta we find the overwhelming mention of pickles as an integral aspect of Indian culinary practices. The journey of the humble Indian pickle available in most Indian homes across the world has a very interesting story to tell about its origin, its variations from state to state, the significance of the ingredients used to make it and of course its quintessential presence in all Indian meals. For most Indians, at least one nostalgic memory from childhood is associated with the pickle and even as we became more modernized and urban. We couldn't leave behind our craving for pickles.

Picklekart - Awaken all your taste buds!

If you're someone who's habituated of adding packed pickles to your cart every time you go grocery shopping...

Buddy, those do more harm than good to your gut. Their heavily chemicalized process involves Refrigeration, Pasteurization, Fermentation.

Picklekart is an ethnic store where no compromise on quality is spared because no matter what, pickles are always relished ♡

Don't believe us yet? Do your research or simply as yourself - " Why are they excessively salty? Why do they smell weird? Why don't they taste as good as homemade ones?"

To be honest, this is exactly what gave us a nudge to start Picklekart! So, HAKUNA MATATA! You're in a rut. Stop buying crap and explore better alternatives.


1. We're launching authentic pickles from around the country, all at one stop!

2. No added preservatives and no adulteration. Each ingredient is chosen with close inspection. Every vegetable is handpicked.

3. We guarantee you will fall in love with the aroma of our spices.

4. The soft spot we have makes us passionate & caring about our pickling process.

5. Our recipes are handed down by our ancestors & we follow good old traditional methods till date which will help you time travel right to your grandma's backyard.

6. We understand the importance of hygiene & cleanliness, especially when it's about pickles.

7. We store our pickles in sterilized & non-reactive jars.

8. Get tasty & healthy pickles right to your doorstep, even globally with minimal charges.

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