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Solapuri Peanut (Shengdana) Chutney


Peanut Chutney with Garlic. Shengdana Chutney or Dry Peanut Chutney is that zesty and mildly spicy accompaniment that forms an essential part of a Maharashtrian thali. A no-fuss recipe that is easy and straight-forward but bursting with flavor, the Dry Peanut Chutney Powder is something that can be found in every Maharashtrian home. This delectable powder of peanuts and spices adds flavour to any meal with its crunchy mouth-feel and vibrant flavor. A simple, flavourful dry chutney powder which can be used dry or wet to add a little extra crunch and spice to your meal. Peanut Chutney is made with peanut and other spices. You can eat this chutney with hot rice with a dash of ghee, roti, dosa, and idli.

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